No carpet cleaning job too big or small! 
Liberty Green aims to create minimal disturbance in your home or business and all of our products are completely safe for use around pets and children. Different stains and different types of fabric require a variety of methods to bring carpets, rugs and upholstery back to life. With more than one way to clean your carpet Liberty Green offers a variety of methods to suit your requirements and to get the very best results. 
Using a high filtration, powerful vacuum cleaner we can extract up to 80% of the dirt from your carpet in preparation for a thorough deep-clean experience. 
Stain Removal 
To treat stubborn stains Liberty Green applies a specialist stain treatment solution. If the cause of the stain is known or easily identifiable we will be able to determine the best solution to increase the chance of a successful and complete removal, leaving your carpet and/or upholstery looking brand-new. 
A pre-spray solution is generally used before extraction cleaning to help remove dirt and stains. The solution breaks down the soiled particles in the carpet fibres and releases them from the surface of the fabric, leaving it as clean as the day it was laid. 
Brushing the carpet with a specialised carpet pile brush, the pre-spray is worked deep into the carpet increasing the penetration and getting the solution in to contact with every particle of dirt and every fibre of the carpet. Larger masses of soiling usually break down with this type of brushing action, perforating the pre-spray and speeding up the reaction. Other, less impenetrable soils are loosened, enabling them to be extracted and ensuring the very deepest clean 
Rinse and Extract 
Using a professional carpet cleaning machine we can thoroughly clean and rinse the pre-spray out of carpets and upholstery along with any dirt. Our powerful machines remove the most stubborn dirt and reduce drying times considerably. 
Carpet Grooming 
To finish we brush the carpet with a grooming brush to make the carpet pile uniformed and returning the fluffy lustre as much possible. This leaves the carpet looking as fresh as on the day it was fitted. 
Couldn’t recommend Liberty Green highly enough. Fantastic service and really pleased with the results - will definitely use again! 
Linda Wilkinson 
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